In the beginning, there was the word

I think we can all agree, the idea of blogging is genius. It is generally acknowledged that the first blog began in 1994 and belonged to Justin Hall; he called it his ‘personal homepage’ or ‘Justin’s Links’. While neither title was likely to catch on, the idea of blogging however, did. While Justin was named ‘the founding father of personal bloggers’ by New York Times Magazine and successfully built a career as a online journalist off the back of it, the rest of the world was keen to explore the possibilities of ‘blogging’.

So what is blogging? Originally referred to as ‘weblogs’, blogs are websites that maintain ongoing chronicles of information and they have taken over entire strata of the internet. They range from personal subject matter, to niche, to business related; everything from grumpy cats and Harry Potter to human rights issues. With enough time and no parental restrictions on your browser, you can find a blog dedicated to anything. Though we wouldn’t advise it.

Lights, camera, action

Blogging has also spawned another, more interactive form of recording life – vlogging – in essence, video. Pranks, make-up tutorials, coming-out stories – YouTube is the playground of a growing group of young people making their living from recording their lives. Influencers we call them in the trade.

However, these are not simply vacuous tools for sharing your opinion on the latest celebrity update or clothing line, blogs are becoming essential for businesses. A company with a blog on its website presents personality and expertise in a particular field, it communicates the brand’s content marketing strategy directly to an increasing customer base, in short, it stands out from the crowd. Depending on your business, the blog can cover: predicting and analysing current trends, making informed projections about the nature and future of the industry or it can simply introduce employees in a manner that makes the organisation friendly and approachable.

It’s good to share

A well-researched, well-written blog is the best way to get the world excited about your brand and that’s where 24 fingers comes in.

24 fingers creates blog content for clients to help increase SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking. By researching the right keywords, your post will be sent right to the top of the rankings and traffic will be directed to your site. In addition, blogs provide excellent content to share on other platforms that, in turn, increases brand awareness and drives traffic to your website. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are perfect for this type of networking, by providing original content you are encouraging your customers and potential customers to enjoy your brand experience – building a loyal readership and boosting your SEO rankings to boot. It’s a win-win.