Circle of trust

Researching and cultivating relationships with appropriate media outlets is vital to PR and extending the reach of a brand, making positive commercial coverage a reality.

All publicity is good publicity right?

Wrong. Most brands, institution figureheads and politicians will have PR consultants to ensure that every aspect of their communication adheres to brand guidelines, creates a positive image and is as effective as it can possibly be – something that many celebrities and reality stars could learn from.

In a business sense, every communication is a potential lead. Even an interaction as innocuous as answering the phone will leave an impression on a potential client. Online, this reality is magnified further.

Quality PR, not quantity

Good publicists will generate quality coverage for clients, targeting relevant placement, link-building for SEO and promotion through journalists, bloggers, reviewers and vloggers.

Your desire for the latest iPhone is, in part, due to it being discussed favourably by the right people online, in social media forums, by relevant experts, popular bloggers and vloggers. It is also likely that these endorsements will have been thoroughly researched to appeal to the target market and planned to achieve the best conversions possible for the company responsible.

PR extends the reach of a brand. It goes hand in hand with knowing what is being covered in the media, understanding current trends in all markets then planning how best to capitalise on them to the brand’s advantage across all platforms. Good PR can help to foster a community and boost your reputation in places where it really matters. That said, not all publicity is good publicity, just ask Crocs about its David Bowie tribute… Understanding public attitudes at any given time is crucial for knowing when and what to present of your company. Get it right with 24 fingers’ support.