Who’s winning in the bidding wars?

Paid search strategy has come a long way in a short space of time. The internet offers ever more refined and ever more targeted propositions for your company’s online advertising. But rather than rush in and bid for every position available, let’s look at the options to determine what will maximise your business’ exposure.

You read my mind

Pay Per Click, otherwise known as PPC, is a way to target potential clients and customers through search engines. Adverts appear alongside the organic search engine findings and, if done properly, can deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI). It is unlike paid advertising in the ‘real world’ through billboards or newspapers which bring, at best, an educated guess about engagement. With PPC, you only pay when an engaged user clicks an advert.

Companies in every field are taking advantage of these marketing tools to promote their services and brands. Google AdWords has arguably the strongest reputation as a provider of PPC, but there are other valuable options. With high levels of competition, alternative platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Bing can offer even better ROI.

Ask the management

That’s where 24 fingers excels. Carefully managed pay and distribution, customer management and tracking software come as standard. As too does remarketing, that is placing cookies in the computers of people who visit your website helps to pinpoint the exact demographic for a targeted ad campaign and to understand your potential audience. Another benefit is that campaigns don’t need to cost the earth. Misjudging click costs and falling into bidding traps are common pitfalls that inexperienced users face.

Why take the risk? Let 24 fingers create a marketing strategy that works for your brand and your audience, manage acquisition costs, identify the best platforms and ensure your brand message is consistent so you stay ahead in the race for space online.