Food glorious food aka my FAVOURITE subject. If I’m not talking about it, I’m eating it.  I look forward to it, get excited by it and when I’m eating breakfast, I’m talking about dinner.

Some of you purely see it as fuel throughout the day and no more than that (weirdos) but I adore it. The tastes, its beauty, not to mention all the benefits that it can bring to your health too.

So with this being such a hot topic, I’m going to shut my cake hole and give you a heads up of 10 great foodies to follow on Instagram. Whether it’s the best places to eat, the healthiest person to follow or just plain gluttony, get ready to drool over these lot.

If you’re all about being the first to know which venues are on the up-and-coming list, Clerkenwell Boy (oi, oi) is the one to follow. This London lad will update you through his nifty camera work on the best restaurants and dishes to savour in the capital.  Followed by Jamie AND Nigella, keeping up with the Joneses has never been so easy.

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Too much on her plate! I like this girl already. Rosie Birkett is an author, YouTube presenter and tangtastic Instagrammer whose feeds (pun intended) are lively and stylish.


Taking spuds and acrylic paint one step further, Danielle Evans presents a different way of seeing what we eat  by mixing playful puns with tip-top ingredients and great artistic flair. Playtime never looked so good.

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Who needs a mirror with Olganoskovaa and those cakes of hers which look as smooth as running water? This Russian babe knows how to scrub up so well, you won’t believe your eyes.


SushiPorn‘s feed is both mouth-watering and artistic, the Japanese perfecting it once again. Showing true appreciation for great cuts of fish and knife skills, you’ve never seen avo look so good.

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Looking for great food on a budget? Lelya Kazim finds mouthwatering deals in London for under £8. Follow her on your travels as she tracks down great restaurants so you don’t have to. Follow her thecutlerychronicles and London Cheap Eats,

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For those of you that enjoy the purer side of life, Steph Lowe shares inspiring quotes and beautifully balanced recipes showing the proof is in the pudding . Follow this Aussie gal @thenaturalnutritionist.


  @_Kimberley Snyder takes her clean lifestyle to the next level. This best-selling author and nutrition guru shares photos of her travels and fresh new recipes. Her dedication to staying healthy and clean is awe-inspiring.


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Vegan blogger Angela Lidden of @Oh she glows is a great one to follow for fast, tasty meat-free, not to mention salivating, recipes. For when you have a bit more time on your hands, check out her more involved dishes too.

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Rounding it off, KST is all about London street food. Also known as the Food Porn King, be sure to turn your screen away when viewing. Follow this champ @ks_ate_here here.


After following these lot,  I’m hoping some of you food-for-fuel-types have been inspired too.  You say tomatoes, I say tamatoes, tomatoes, tamatoes. Taters.