April means many things to many people. For some, it’s all about the eggs and bunnies of Easter. For others, it’s the prospect of yer actual sunshine as summer inches closer.

For us at 24 fingers, April means Pinspiration.

Of course we’re among the millions who pore over our Pinterest feeds on a daily basis (er, maybe make that hourly for Scheenagh), seeking all the inspo our hearts desire.

Whatever business you’re in, it’s worth submitting images featuring Pinterest’s monthly and seasonal trends. It is but the work of a moment and could see your products placed in front of literally millions of eyeballs. Who doesn’t want that?

Let’s take a look at the trends Pinterest will be featuring in April. If any of them are within spitting distance of your wheelhouse, whip out that phone, take some funky pix and get them Pinned.

On April’s Pinterest radar…

Regular users of Pinterest know it’s a social media platform that whispers, rather than shouts (we’re looking at you, X).

So it’s a clever move on its part to divide the month into separate weeks, because it means all the submissions get several days to shine (and engage potential customers).

Featured trends for 1-7 April

Hair dye ideas

Whether you sell hair dye products that would make Ziggy Stardust look shy and retiring, can help hide those pesky grey hairs, or create accessories that add a dash of colour, this April trend is for you.

Bucket list travel

Do you own and rent out a holiday home somewhere jaw-dropPingly beautiful (we may need to inspect it to verify that claim)? Get those Pins uploaded and watch the bookings flow in.

Eid outfits

Dazzle Pinterest users with images of your classiest clothing and accessories for Eid al-Fitr, as Muslims around the world don their best bib and tucker to celebrate the end of Ramadan. If you thought getting dressed up for Christmas was a big deal, you ain’t seen nuthin’.

Henna designs

Another one for those creatives out there: showcase your most beautiful henna creations with Pinterest’s April trend. We could look at these for hours…

Featured trends for 8-14 April

Festival outfits

The second week kicks off with an opportunity for all you clothing creatives to get us in the mood for Glastonbury and other music festivals. Is it worth cutting to the chase and making everything waterproof and mud-coloured?

Viral food recipes

Everyone at 24 fingers towers is absolutely here for this trend. Artisanal pie-makers, curry chefs, bakers or soup stars: if you’re in the food recipe business, this is your moment to make even the lovely Nigella chuck in the teatowel.

Grunge makeup

Scheenagh is old enough to remember the original grunge vibe. We’re fairly certain this one won’t make you look like you slept in a dustbin overnight in your nan’s cardigan. Beauty products providers, we’re looking at you to prove us right.

Funky bedroom decor

Now we’re talking. A plague on anyone who claims the 1970s were the decade taste forgot or that leopardskin only goes with leopards. This trend is for everyone who loves to shake things up in the bedroom. Be warned, Emma may be taking notes…

Featured trends for 15-21 April

DIY wedding invitations

This is one of our fave trends, and will appeal to all those quillers, crafters and creatives out there. DIY wedding invitations feature in the third week of April, and Anne (who is happily married but is that kind of gal) can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Dress to impress outfits

Dressmakers, tailors, period costume enthusiasts – your moment to sparkle has arrived. Give us a social media twirl and let’s see how glorious the world would look if we all climbed out of our saggy leggings and wine-stained T-shirts…

Wedding photography

Emma always says the key ingredients for a good wedding are a great dress, great food and zero fights (it’s an Essex thing) and who are we to argue? Professional snappers who capture romance for a living may have o-Pin-ions *sorry*, but get your pictures on Pinterest first, then we’ll talk.

Garden party ideas

WOW. This has to be the mother of all April’s themes: it appeals to so many businesses. Whether you make soft furnishings, grow specialist plants, hand-blow glasses, or create incredible floral displays, the opportunities are endless.

Featured trends for 22-28 April

Mexican Food Abc GIF by Bachelor in Paradise - Find & Share on GIPHY

Meatless meals

The fourth and final week of April trends is a massive one for all you veggie and vegan businesses. Anne is convinced a poky vegetable can’t look and taste better than her frankly delicious chicken satay. Challenge accepted, we say…

Soft glam makeup

Proof that even we don’t know everything, this is (apparently) not foundation that’s slapped on with the lights out. Think glittery, jewel-like tones that melt effortlessly into the skin, and no harsh lines. All you make-up gurus out there: Pin your pics and show us what you’re working with.

DIY upcycling projects

Anne loves to get her teeth into upcycling furniture and is a bit of a dab hand, if we say so ourselves. She’s on the lookout for a new project so this April trend is going to be right up her street. Pin images of your work and let the inspo flow.

Second-hand outfits

Everyone loves bagging a thrifted bargain, don’t they? Emma picked up a gorgeous pair of Kurt Geigers recently that she swears were a snip. From vintage bags to giving your grandad’s suits a new lease of life, Pinterest is the place to show off the second-hand style people can buy from you this April.

So, there you have it: the trends that will have Pinterest fizzing this month. If you’ve never popped your Pinterest cherry but are ready to give it a go, talk to us at 24 fingers.

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