When she’s not breaking a leg, she’s tweeting. We sit down with our resident thespian to find out everything from her birth to the importance of maps. Charlie Hall, take the stage.

#1. So, whats your favourite word?

Start easy, why dont you? Thats the hardest question there is! I think…’Whole’, because it sounds like it does encompass everything. And it lends itself to jokes.

#2. What gets you up in the morning?

Panic. However many alarms I set, I always manage to turn them off. 

#3. What do you truly, honestly think of social media?

Good question. I take it for granted. I think it can be abused, but that its a wonderful way to make new (and keep old!) contacts

#4. Kindles or books?

Always books. Call me old-fashioned, but I dont believe they should ever be replaced. You cant replace the feeling of turning a page to discover a story.

#5. What do you think is the biggest challenge to your industry right now?

I think there is a danger of information getting lost online. When trivial things gain such attention, it could get harder for the important stuff to be seen and heard.

#6. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A footballer. I used to love playing and took a football wherever I went!

#7. What led to your current career?

Truthfully? The fact that I couldn’t be a footballer.

#8. Can you use your favourite word in a sentence?

I look forward to spending the whole of my life with my partner.

#9. Jolly good. Can you make it rhyme?

I feel whole when Im playing a role.

#10. What advice would you give your younger self?

Dont EVER touch alcohol. That, or listen to the physiotherapist.

#11. Whats the best thing anyones ever done for you?

Aside from my mum giving birth to me which is pretty hard to top, my partner took me to an Owl City concert. She hates Owl City.

#12. Tell us, whats been your career-defining’ moment?

As far as this career goes, my friend Joe introducing me to Emma Elmer was a pretty decisive moment.

#13. If you won an award of some kind, who would you thank?

Id have lots of people to thank, but it would depend on the award. For acting, it would have to be my parents and my partner.

#14. Can you give us a timesaver of the day?

Check the map before you cycle. I should really listen to my own advice.

#15. Where do you see your industry in 24 months?

With many more fingers on many more keyboards!

#16. Where were you 24 months ago?

Knowing me, I was in the pub after rehearsals. I was still at drama school so was permanently preoccupied with that.

#17. Whats an interesting fact about your company?

It is the best company Ive ever had in a workplace!

#18. If you could have a 24 minute Skype chat with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Another great question! In truth, it would be my mum – nobody makes me laugh like she does, but Im not sure she knows how to spell Skype, let alone use it!

#19. Whats one word youd want people to describe you with?


#20. Mind taking a selfie?

Ive never done a solo selfie before!

#21. Whats your favourite Twitter Handle?

@SoVeryBritish. It gives me great comfort to think there are other flustered Brits out there, who panic when somebody jumps a queue.

#22. Whats one quote that defines your work ethic?

If a jobs worth doing, its worth doing properly.

#23. Apart from seeing us, whats been the best part of your day?

Sharing a laugh with co-workers.

#24. And finally, anything to plug?

Well, theres a magazine I run, Inked In.