Richard Payne, photographer to the great and good, has shot everyone from Tatler cover stars to Emma Elmer. Today, he shares why he’ll always be an analogue man, his thoughts on wannabes and the perfect companion to a G&T.

#1. So, what’s your favourite word?


#2. What gets you up in the morning?

My noisy children.

#3. What do you truly, honestly think of social media?

There’s pros and cons to everything and this one is no exception. Sorry, that’s a bit of a cop out but I do think it’s starting to bite us in the, um, backside.

#4. Kindles or books?


#5. What do you think is the biggest challenge to your industry right now?

Wannabe part-time photographers driving down standards and fees, but that’s the same for everyone I suppose!

#6. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Whatever it was going to be, I was going to be good at it.

#7. What led you to your current career?

Boredom in my last job and I was passionate about taking photos!

#8. Can you use your favourite word in a sentence?

“Thanks for booking me, I will invoice you in the morning”.

#9. Now can you make it rhyme?

“I’ll rejoice when that invoice gets paid!”

#10. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Get into social media sooner.

#11. What’s the best thing anyone’s ever done for you?

Saved my life when I was eight months old. Thanks doc.

#12. Tell us, what’s been your ‘career-defining’ moment?

My agent having a baby and getting out of the magazine business made me think a bit. Shortly after that, I knew several photographers had hit hard times and watched as the industry took a tumble. It was then I decided to commit to weddings with an analogue twist.

#13. If you won a big award of some kind, who would you thank?

My wife.

#14. Who said romance was dead? Not us. Can you give us a timesaver of the day?

Steam spinach in a colander above another vegetable. Saves water, power, washing up.

#15. We like that. Where do you see your industry in 24 months?

Hopefully not too different from now.

#16. Where were you 24 months ago?

Somewhere not too different from now.

#17. What’s an interesting fact about your company?

My analogue techniques. Digital photographers still get jealous. I’ve always wanted to have something else to offer a client that other photographers don’t have.

#18. If you could have a 24-minute Skype chat with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Richard Burton. I’d rather it be 24 minutes in a bar though.

#19. He liked a wedding too, didn’t he… What’s one word you’d want people to describe you with?

Passionate and honest. Sorry, you pick.

#20. Can’t decide. Let’s keep both in. Would you mind taking a selfie for us?

I despise the selfie look so I got my wife to take one of me having a G&T and listening to Herb Alpert. How cool and retro…

#21. Jazz, nice. What’s your favourite Twitter handle or social media campaign?

Ask me next year.

#22. Okeydokes. What’s one quote that defines your work ethic?

Work hard when you can, then you won’t feel guilty on holiday.

#23. What’s been the best part of your day?

Making Cookie Monster cupcakes for my son’s school cake sale.

#24. C is for cookie and cookie is for me. Finally, anything to plug?

A film contact strip is a very unique, tasteful wedding must-have. is the only guy I know who makes them.


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