Instagram has begun running 60-second adverts. Previously, the maximum length for video ads was 30 seconds. Advertisers involved in the initial test included  T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad – which speaks volumes about the shift from TV ads to digital.

We’re in the #BigGame with @ChampagnePapi. #YouGotCarriered

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With its update from square to any image format, Instagram has allowed brands to use adverts simultaneously on different platforms, so there is no need to reshoot their video ads. The downside of this is that brands underestimate the importance of content made specifically for certain platforms. Just because it’s well received or suited to television doesn’t mean it will go down well online.

To be honest, the move to longer adverts seems strange – 60 seconds is better for conveying a message, but will people watch to the end? Especially not *shudders at using this word* millennials who are used to their own Instagram videos being 15 seconds and six-second Vine videos.

Generation Social are a savvy bunch. Initial Instagram-targeted ads received a lot of negative comments: “Get this off my feed”, “Stop selling me stuff.” Longer ads are proving to be blunt selling tools that users are already sick of being hit over the head with.

The changes Instagram introduced to try to get ads onto the standard user’s feed have been subtle, but not this. Of course Instagram wants to monetize and become a platform brands can easily advertise on, but for a platform previously free from ads, it’s venturing into dangerous territory.

Don’t hit your customers over the head with selling tools, let 24 fingers plan your social media marketing (no blunt instruments used, we promise).