Part of the joy of working in social media is that the internet doesn’t sleep. It means that every morning, there’s a whole new slew of trends to catch up with, more inspirational quotations and more cat videos than you can shake a mouse stick at.

At 24 fingers, we take a primal joy in catching up with the online world, and every day brings new treats. It’s vital we know what is trending online at any given time, and the one of the best ways to navigate social media these days is through the power of the #.

In fact, there’s popular hashtags to mark every day of the week. A bit like a digital version of Craig David’s, 7 Days, if you will. Let us break it down (uh, break it down) for you…

On Mondays, when the rest of the world wakes up with a faint frown as the alarm reminds them that a Sunday evening doesn’t promise the same hangover lie in as a Saturday, we’re beavering away on our phones discovering which #MondayBlues are affecting the interweb.

For #MusicMonday, our favourite song to dance to work on is ‘Manic Monday’, by the inimitable Bangles. Believe me, we’ve tried to imitate those haircuts – we can’t get near them.

It goes without saying that we change the chorus to ‘Marvellous Monday’ – it’s a bit of a syllable squeeze but we’re used to fitting pearls of wisdom into 140 characters so we manage. Obviously.

#ManicureMonday is sadly a bit of a ‘look but don’t touch’ occasion for us. Have you tried being a social media guru with 10cm nails? The cacophony of typing that comes with false nails is enough to force Managing Director Emma to throw a precious can of Pepsi Max all over the culprit. Jokes.

Before we know it it’s Tuesday, and #TransformationTuesday is a sight to behold in the 24 fingers office. I’ll give you three songs from our Inspirational Playlist…

  1. Circle of Life – Elton John, obviously. An excellent warm up for a day of conjuring magic from our fingertips.
  2. Gonna Fly Now – Rocky. Need we say more? After a rousing chorus of this, we’re ready for anything.
  3. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger. Because anybody who doesn’t feel they can run a marathon after listening to this probably doesn’t have ears.

Thank goodness the internet exists to help us climb over #HumpDay on a Wednesday, with over three million Instagram images tagged. One of our personal favourites is ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’. Damn right.

#WednesdayWisdom is a motivator, too. Sometimes we wonder whether the internet would have broken had it been around in Winston Churchill’s heyday – nothing we have seen online yet comes near to his ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’. Here at 24 fingers HQ, that’s our modus operandi.

One day closer to Friday, online woes are forgotten to make way for #ThirstyThursday and the like. Clocking 384 million posts on the platform for #tbt is no mean feat either. Sport, fashion, age, songs – you name it, somebody is remembering it on a Thursday

Friday, Friday, Friday…. Enough said. #FridayReads is a favourite in this office. Not quite as popular as #tbt, with 17,417 posts at time of writing, but still up there. It is reassuring to see some people still buying those things called books – anything longer than 140 characters had better be reaaallllyyy good. The most amusing thing to come of #FridayReads has to be #bookfacefriday. Whoever came up with that hashtag deserves a biscuit.

Come Saturday, you’d think we might be tired of all of this viral nonsense. But how could anybody tire of #Caturday? It’s one of the highlights of our week. Nobody quite knows how cats came to have such a presence online – but we’re not complaining. 

Now Craig David would recommend we chill on Sunday. But roll on #SundayFunday we say…we expect this hashtag to go through the roof as that round yellow thing brings us office dwellers out of our not-so-little cave.  

So, there you have it. A beginner’s guide to navigating the complex web of filters that’s called hashtags. If you’re not planning your next week of uploads by now, give us a call. Any day of the week is good for us.