Trying to show that crossed arms aren’t always a defensive gesture

Say hello to our new resident master of voice at 24 fingers, branded content writer Alex Tuck, who tells us he’s a chameleon when it comes to establishing the right brand tone. Which is nifty.

With branded content on the rise, leveraging an authenticity with audiences that traditional advertising struggles to match, Alex helps our clients build the bridge between their marketing objectives and the desires of their audience.

Originally coming from a broadcast media background, he has 15 years’ experience in editorial roles at ESPN (Ed’s note: just like our James), Discovery Inc. and Red Bull Media House in Salzburg. Makes us want to run around in clothes made from curtains. Bonus points if you got that reference.

Alex’s big passion is using the power of storytelling to help brands to engage on a human level so often absent in the corporate realm. It means our content touches hits the right emotional trigger and moves a consumer to take action. That’s what all brands want, right? Content that has the power to move people.

His creativity has been utilised recently when he scripted a fictional podcast series entitled: ‘The World of 2050’, and as a proud father to Clara, aged 2, he finds himself revelling in the challenge of creating a different voice for every character in her story books. Told you he was versatile.

A highly social chap with a great sense of humour, he takes inspiration from Bob Mortimer, Tom Waits and Bill Bryson; who was honorary speaker when he graduated with a degree in ‘Imaginative Writing & Screen Studies’.

So, what makes Alex a good fit for social media and marketing content?

Alex: “I’m always looking to feel something when I write. There’s no substitute for a great story, well told. It is the only way to garner attention in a noisy, competitive world. Acting as an antenna to tune into the emotional bandwidth of your audience (one for the analogues out there) is vital to the perception of value.”

*What Alex wrote*. Welcome to the team, Mr Tuck.