Today, we’re talking to Andy Cope of the Art of Brilliance, who describes himself as a professional trainer, qualified teacher, author and learning junkie. He’s currently doing a Doctorate at the University of Loughborough… investigating the science of happiness and positivity. Hi five to that.

#1. So, what’s your favourite word?


#2. What gets you up in the morning?

A genuine zest for life. Being able to get out of bed is the best thing ever, because I realise that one day I’ll be too ill or too old.

#3. What do you truly, honestly think of social media?

Life’s too short. Twitter is my thing. Anything else drains my time. I’m old fashioned. I have real friends.

#4. Nice. Kindles or books?

Books, for sure.

#5.  What do you think is the biggest challenge to your industry right now?

I’m in the personal development (self-help) biz where the biggest challenge is getting your message heard amongst the other voices. There are a lot of shouty self-promoting self-helpers. We’re quiet, but well worth listening to!

#6.  We’re hearing ya. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Footballer. Failing that, cowboy. Thankfully neither materialised, and I’ve ended up with the best job in the world (author and happiness researcher)

#7. Love. What led you to your current career?

I studied psychology so spent decades researching illnesses, phobias, disorders, anxiety and depression. Then I realised I’d been doing it wrong, so started studying happy people. #GameChanger

#8. #GameChanger indeed. Can you use your favourite word in a sentence?

Aladdin flew into the palace on his magic carpet but Princess Jasmine couldn’t see him. ‘Where are you my love?’ she shouted.

‘I’m on a mat up here.’ #sorry

#9. *doffs cap* Now can you make it rhyme?

Walk on Skeggy pier.

#10. *Twice*. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Dare to ask Clare Heath out. It tallies with a bigger bit of advice; instead of asking myself ‘what’s the worst that could happen’  the younger me needs to start asking ‘what’s the best?’

#11. What’s the best thing anyone’s ever done for you?

I never dared ask Clare but luckily, 25 years ago, Louise married me.

#12. Tell us, what’s been your ‘career-defining’ moment?

Delivering a keynote speech, standing on stage in Johannesburg in front of 500 people. I realised it wasn’t just the Brits who needed an injection of happiness & positivity. It was the world.

#13. Boooom to that. If you won a big award of some kind, who would you thank?

My wife and kids.

#14. Can you give us a timesaver of the day?

To cut your to-do list in half, simply get your to-do list and cut it in half (get a grown-up to help with the scissors).

#15. *Rofl*. Where do you see your industry in 24 months?

Bigger! Muuuuuch bigger. The modern world is a great place but it also acts as a drag on happiness. People need to rethink how they think

#16. Where were you 24 months ago?

Same. Happy. Building a business with people I love. Doing work that I’m proud of

#17. What’s an interesting fact about your company?

We deliver workshops on happiness and we now deliver all over the world so the Brits are now exporting happiness! Imagine? I’ve never spoken in Oz but that’s my dream. One day a ‘whinging Pom’ will deliver workshops to the Australians. Watch this space.

#18. We’ve got our eyes on you, Mr Cope.If you could have a 24-minute Skype chat with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

The Trumpmeister. We could have a right good chat about the environment, universal healthcare and hair products.

#19. *Crying*. What’s one word you’d want people to describe you with?


#20. Would you mind taking a selfie for us?

Here you go.

#21. What’s your favourite Twitter handle or social media campaign?


#22. What’s one quote that defines your work ethic?

Stop hitting life’s snooze button.

#23. What’s been the best part of your day?

Waking up and discovering that I’m very much alive. Phew!

#24. Phew indeed. Finally, anything to plug?

Always! ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ is an easy intro to the science of positive psychology. New books in the pipeline: ‘Happiness Route-Map (Oct 17) and ‘Shine’ (spring 18).

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