If Christmas is a time for giving, it really is living up to expectations – especially in the world of social media.

From one girl’s perfectly-lit selfie to Cruz Beckham’s Christmas single, social media really is, well, a gift that keeps on giving.


Taking the perfect selfie is no easy feat. Just ask Jane.

Whilst out with friends, high schooler Jane seriously struggled to get the right lighting for a photo (one that the Kardashians seem to have had shining on them since the womb). Until this happened:

Turning on their phone’s backlight to create something of a celestial halo, Jane’s friends lit the way for her selfie domination. Quite literally.

Belt it like Beckham

Tuesday saw a momentous moment in pop culture history:

That’s right. Cruz Beckham, aka the second youngest of the Beckham brood, released a debut Christmas single.

Twitter saw a divide in reactions, ranging from amazement to absolute disdain (but mainly the latter):

And, of course, what would any Twitter commentary be without a sensationalist Piers Morgan column?

With everyone putting in their two cents’ worth on Cruz’s high-pitched jingle, Dogs Trust saw it as the perfect marketing opportunity:

Cruz (the dog) definitely has the A-lister look.


Deck the Halls

Wednesday was every Christmas fanatic’s favourite day of the year — #NationalChristmasTreeDay.

There were puns:

A Grinch who stole Christmas:

And a very hipster interpretation of art:


Barking up the Wrong Tree

On the topic of #NationalChristmasTreeDay, one tree unveiled in Montreal, Quebec left many….stumped.

Attracting the public’s attention for all the wrong reasons, the Christmas tree has since been dubbed by the Twittersphere as #1 most ugly Christmas tree in Canada.


So, how does a Christmas tree hit back at the haters? It creates its own Twitter account and sends this:

It may the #1 most ugly Christmas tree in Canada, but it sure knows a thing or two about retort.


If Looks Could Kill

Dogs are man’s best friend, it’s true.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.36.04

In the case of Topher Brophy and his Aussiedoodle dog, Rosenberg, their friendship knows no bounds:

Sharing the same smouldering eyes, scraggly facial hair and trendy hipster style, the dynamic duo have become a social media sensation.

But, honestly, anyone with a name like Topher Brophy has got to be destined for greatness.