So…. when the lovely people of the Brentwood Art Trail came to us and said they had something interesting to talk to us about, we stopped typing and started listening…⁣

Not only did their idea combine social media and community spirit (tick, tick, tick) but also our love for the arts. And those that know, know that’s a whole lotta lovin’.

So proud to announce that 24 fingers will be sponsoring the Brentwood Art Trail this year which runs from the 8th to the 23rd of June – check out the events here.

In true 24 fingers fashion, we’ll be promoting these talented artists through the medium of our #24questions interviews. Receive notifications about our artist interviews so you can get, err, notified during the fortnight.

Massive thanks again to the organisers of the Brentwood Art Trail for thinking of us and for enriching all of our lives through art.