As a business owner, time is as precious a commodity as money, and combining both to the best effect when creating ads can sometimes feel like trying to turn water into wine. To make sure you end up with a lip-smacking Chablis rather than a vin de table you wouldn’t use as petrol, here’s our top 10 creative apps to make your content sparkle, as recommended by Facebook


They say: Layer animated templates on top of photos

We say: This creative app not only makes videos from your own photos (so you get the shot you actually want), it’s customisable, can be linked to all your social media accounts and enables scheduled posting. What’s not to love?


They say: Combine photos and videos, experiment with stop- motion, resize and edit videos

We say: Embrace your inner Steven Spielberg with this smart editing tool. Add your own soundtrack or sound effects, include subtitles or merge several videos into one, and then share them across your social media contacts. 


They say: Create stories with multiple photos

We say: If you want to give your ads and videos a sophisticated edge, then look no further. Unfold offers a range of cool templates and curated fonts. There are filters and effects too, but think Vogue rather than Snapchat. 


They say: Create stories from video templates

We say: It’s the only one on our list that’s NOT Android compatible, but the easy-to-download, customisable creative app comes with more than 50 templates and text styles. They’re updated every month, so your content will always have a fresh feel. Like the others, you can share your creations to all social media platforms. 

Adobe Spark Post

They say: Transform photos with design and animation templates

We say: Even if you’ve never held a video camera in your life, you can make smart ads using your own photos or animated stickers from GIPHY. There’s a range of customisation options available, so you can play around and find the effect that best suits your business. Boooooom.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

They say: Cut and combine images

We say: Once you’ve mastered Spark Post, this is probably your next step. You can cut out and mash-up bits of different images, as well as blend layers and apply looks, whether you’re using an Apple or Android device. Excitingly, the app also integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, giving you access to tools including Photoshop and Lightroom. 


They say: Create short looping videos

We say: There is so much fun to be had with this Instagram app, once you get started you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Simply film a moving object or take a video selfie, then hit one button and the software does the rest: creating a mini looped video from 10 photos that you can share on Facebook and Instagram. 


They say: Add motion to still images

We say: WOW. There’s no other word for the stunning effects this app can help you create. It’s all about stopping social media users in their scrolling tracks with the hypnotic movements in ads using this app. If you’re looking for something completely different, this is it. 


They say: Animate your photos to music

We say: Well isn’t this nifty? You can combine up to 75 of your own images or video clips with your favourite tunes (or over 100 free songs from the app) and voila – instant shareable content. It’s customisable with text overlays, you can choose from 23 themes and it automatically turns on the audio when it hears voices. Smart. 

Facebook Ads Manager

They say: An all-in-one tool for advertisers of any experience level. 

We say: So, you’ve made your content, but now what? If you’re looking to run a campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network, then this is a good place to start. There’s help with everything from creating ad campaigns to monitoring how they’re faring.

But don’t worry. If it all looks a bit complicated, book a discovery call with us at 24 fingers and we’ll guide you every step of the way.