In celebration of emoji day, Emojipedia have released sample images of new emoji designs hopefully to be approved in September of this year. 31 emojis are up for approval which is significantly less than previous years (2020 had a grand total of 334 emojis released that year). Are the designers getting lazy or are we simply running out of fruits that don’t have an emoji yet?

The new collection includes emojis that no one knew were in demand with one twitter user referring to the new ginger root emoji as ’the weird branch thing’. However, we finally have an emoji for a high five. The new hand emoji referred to as rightward and leftward pushing hands (in all skin tones) can be used together to create a high five, which means no more using the prayer emoji to celebrate with your friends. High five to that. 

The small list of new additions also includes the long awaited plain pink heart, which has been highly requested since the start of emojis themselves and people online are very excited. However, we will remain unsure on how easy it will be to slip in the new donkey emoji into a conversation, but we’re sure people will find a way to give it a new meaning much like the beloved eggplant (ahem). 

Emoji 15.0 is planned to be released on major platforms by the end of 2022, Google being one of the first, and then on the other platforms by October 2023. Most of the drafted emojis, if not all of them, will be released onto our screens such as a jellyfish, a hand fan, a flute – just more random objects we can throw around in a text that don’t make total sense, but makes it more fun.