If lockdown has revealed anything, it’s that staying connected is far more important than we ever imagined. In a world where 91% of us check emails daily (or even hourly, ahem…), it’s a powerful communication tool and a fantastic way to inform customers about your business or products. Read on for six ways you can get more email subscribers from your website…

Create great content

They say: Why should we hand out our email address?

We say: Good point. Businesses need to create a really tempting, compelling reason for people to sign up. Amazing, entertaining or memorable content will not only leave subscribers wanting more, yours will be an email they actually look forward to opening. 

Simplify the sign up

They say: Pack your sign up form with lots of information. 

We say: DON’T. Keep it as easy to fill in as possible and don’t forget to put a sign up link front and centre on EVERY page of your website. There’s an ongoing debate about whether to include a customer’s first name in the form. Some see it as an unnecessary extra step, while others argue it’s a great way to personalise future content. Test, test, test, we say. 

Say thank you

They say: Don’t bother responding to a new subscriber; you’ve got them now.

We say: We’re not suggesting you dash out and buy them a bunch of flowers but a thank you not only recognises a new addition, it’s also a way to further engage them with a sprinkling of discounts or the offer of a sneaky peek at future temptations. It can also be showcasing positive reviews, or even a springboard to bonus content.  

One size does not fit all

They say: Email content should be the same for all customers.

We say: Emails are like jeans: taking a one-size-fits-all approach will leave some customers struggling to find a good fit. Instead try tailoring your email sign ups by offering lighter versions for those who might have less time on their hands. It’s better to retain a customer who may receive less of your content than someone who gets it all and reads none of it. 

Pop-ups are back

They say: Using flashy technology like pop-ups to persuade people to sign up risks irritating them. 

We say: Anyone who remembers the early days of the internet will rightly hiss at the notion of pop-ups flooding their screens. But fear not: they’ve evolved into quite the smart little marketing tool and convert a mind-boggling 1,375% more than a standard sign up form. There are loads to choose from, including HubSpot and PopUp Domination, so dig around and see what works best for you (Ed’s note: then test).

Prove it works

They say: People can already see how successful the business is.

We say: Everyone loves evidence of growth and success, and social proof is a great way to show customers your reach and even your brand values. Listing subscriber numbers or icons of companies you’ve collaborated with can help persuade people to follow suit and sign up. 

They’re our six top tips but do you want to know more? Talk to us at 24 fingers about how to get more email sign ups for your business.