How often should I be emailing my subscribers?

The right balance is hard to find, especially when deciding how often you should be emailing your list. You want to be there as a gentle nudge so your subscribers are being kept up to date, not a hard shove so they fall onto the unsubscribe button. 

Will this add value? 

If someone has signed up to your list, this means at one point or another they were interested in you and your product; emailing them is your chance to show them why they should stay interested. So before you get too eager and are itching to send another email, ask yourself if this is important.

By deciding what is key information and what can be left out, you’re saving yourself the dreaded eye roll from subscribers every time they see your notification come through. The idea is that you want your subscribers to look forward to your emails, not dread hearing from you like you’re a clingy ex.

Too much or not enough? 

Emailing too frequently can often create disengagement, which is the opposite effect that you want to have (obvs). By using your list as a platform to promote deals and new products that will interest your target group, it can help form relationships between you and your clients, building the customer loyalty that every business wants. 

Yet don’t get too distant. Something even worse than being annoying is being forgotten, so making sure that you are keeping it relevant is vital. Think of creative fun ways to engage with subscribers, give offers as rewards for being on your list; people are more likely to engage if they feel they are gaining something from it. It is also a good idea to email more frequently while campaigns are running as it is a key event that people will be interested in.

Email top tips

  • Do not get sucked into over-sharing and becoming junk mail.
  • Keep the emails short and sweet
  • Make sure it is always informative and helpful 
  • And most importantly, do not have people doing this to their computer…