Advances in technology are changing the game faster than we can click on the like button, but fret not — we’re here to take the stress away.

This week we divulge WhatsApp’s neat new feature, Instagram’s immersive ads and Facebook’s secret (shhh!) news feed. Sit back, relax and have a little read….

Size Matters

We spoke just last week of WhatsApp’s snazzy new status feature, but the messaging service isn’t stopping in its quest for app domination.

Recently introducing a brand new feature, ‘Size’ tab is able to tell users which chat is eating up the most kilobytes of space, and, alternatively, which chat is taking up the least amount. For tech junkies, this clever update can make it ten times easier to manage your phone’s storage. That’s some sweet victory.


With a tab showing the size of each chat in detail, users can delete the chats consuming the most storage space i.e. that one friend who sends you up to eight photos a day of their Turkish Angora cat….

Whilst only available to a selection of lucky beta testers, the feature is set to become public in the near future.

Full phone storage, you’re going down.


Businesses, rejoice! Beloved photo-sharing app Instagram has announced plans to incorporate immersive, full-screen ads in its “Stories” feature, targeted specifically towards businesses worldwide.

Start-ups to corporates can now start running ads in Stories through the Marketing API, helping to reach a target audience through highly engaging content. In a statement released by the company, Instagram emphasised that businesses of every size “can show ads to the maximum number of people in

[their] audience and control how often they see the ads”.

With a sprinkling of services like Airbnb already testing out the feature, ad formats will be available globally within the next few weeks. Get ready to reap those rewards.

Want to Know a Secret?

Okay, the cat’s out the bag. Facebook’s ‘secret’ second news feed is currently being tested amongst a handful of users, and it’s about to give the social networking service a whole new dimension.

The new feature allows users to switch between two pages: the standard Home feed and a spanking new Explore feed.

The Explore function works similarly to Instagram’s Explore Page, displaying pictures and videos from publishers that you aren’t already connected to. How? Facebook’s intelligent algorithms generates this content based on your personal preferences and things that your inner circle have liked, watched and interacted with.

With an endless stream of content to view, just don’t forget to catch some sleep at night.