We’re thrilled to announce the Fit for Business entrepreneurial programme, delivered by 24 Degrees and BlitzFitMe, has secured a share of the Brentwood Community Fund, offered by Brentwood Borough Council in partnership with Axis.  This innovative programme combines physical fitness, mindset and nutritional support with business planning, sales and marketing training.

Projects for the Community Fund have to demonstrate their volunteer or community involvement, be sustainable and supportive of community-based priorities under the key themes of:

  • growing our economy
  • protecting our environment
  • developing our communities

Almost 30 organisations applied, and 24 fingers was among 14 recipients. “We are thrilled to have secured funding from the Brentwood Community Fund,” said Emma Goode. “It will be put to excellent use too, helping more of the region’s entrepreneurs get back on their feet, get a business up and running or scale their existing business.”

The Fit for Business is a free, eight week online programme (free to Brentwood Borough residents), designed to help people kick-start or scale their business. 

Do you have an idea that’s been bouncing around at the back of your mind for a while, but you’re not sure if you can make it a reality? Fit for Business could get you on your way. 

Were you among the millions furloughed because of Covid-19 and you’d like to get back on your feet on your terms? Fit for Business could be the stepping stone you need. 

The programme will start Wednesday 8th September. If you, or someone you know, would like to apply for a free place, please contact the team at hello@24fingers.co.uk and we will be happy to send more details.

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