24 fingers is honoured to be working on a campaign that celebrates an actual, real-life legend. To mark the 80th birthday year of Jimmy Greaves, England’s fourth highest international goalscorer and Tottenham Hotspur’s highest ever goalscorer, Jimmy’s granddaughter Victoria Berquez along with her husband Ollie of 4D Fit have launched an online community and members’ club, ‘Greavsie’s Goalscorers’, where fans of Jimmy, football and sport can come together to share stories and podcasts of his career and his life.


This community will be run exclusively by Victoria and feature other family members, the only one of its kind, and we are delighted to be working to promote the campaign across online channels.

To accompany the app, his granddaughter Victoria and her husband Ollie will also be launching a cup tournament event, which will feature 24 (Ed’s note: best number in the world) teams playing walking football. It will be held in May at Colchester United, with Steve Perryman presenting the prizes and hosting a Q&A session with fans after the tournament. Going forward, Greavsie’s Goalscorers will expand to nationwide Walking Football Centres for the over 50s, with members of the community becoming managers of their local centres. Or gaffers as we say in Essex 😉

Victoria comments: ‘’The aim of Greavsie’s Goalscorers is to create a legacy for my grandfather that will live on throughout the years, celebrating a man who was a legend not only on the football pitch and in front of the camera, but in real life too. This will be a legacy too for my children who are lucky enough to have this platform and grow up understanding all the achievements of one of the greatest goalscorers and funniest TV personalities called Grampa Jim.“

Emma Goode adds: “Having grown up watching Saint and Greavsie on the TV, myself and the 24 fingers team feel privileged to be able to support the family on this campaign, through social media. Social can be a funny old game at times, but with ‘Greavsie’s Goalscorers’, we can use the medium for good and to create a lasting legacy for one of England’s true legends.”

Learn more about the foundation here and follow on social media @greavsiesgoalscorers. Back of the net ⚽