Want to begin a successful email marketing campaign but not sure where to start? Have no fear, the 24 fingers four-step guide to email marketing is here.

1. Content for email marketing

Decide what the email should cover. Why not include an offer, which you can pop in the subject line and expand on in the email (20% off your next purchase)? It’ll catch people’s attention quickly and they’ll want to stay subscribed for similar offers. Use this as an ‘in’ to showcase your company’s news, expertise, customer care or its desirable products. Keep it relevant to the customer though; they won’t care about your holiday.

2. User-friendly design

Appearances matter. Your email should sit pretty on people’s screens – preferably 600 pixels wide – and should be mobile optimised as 53 per cent of emails now are opened on smartphones.

Make sure there aren’t too many words on a line or it’ll be too hard to read and people won’t bother.

You can either make a custom design or use a predesigned template.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your logo and company name. Customers want to know straight away who the email is from so make sure yours are easy to see. Your call to action should be front and centre – clear, concise and given the most attention to achieve the best results.

Ensure everything has a link and is tracked within Google Analytics.

3. Press send

Personalised emails will get a much better open rate – it makes the customer feel special and it’s a way to make the brand seem friendly and accessible.

Timings are key, don’t send it at 6pm on a Friday when the only thing likely to be opened is a packet of peanuts at the pub.

4. Test and refine

Once you’ve got into the swing of things, it’s time to start measuring the success of the email and learning from that data. That’s why tracking codes are essential.

Is the open rate better a certain time? Use this information to dictate the send time in future. Did an offer in the subject line lead to more clicks and purchases? Do it that way again. Act and then react to what your customers respond to.

Still baffled by optimisation and open rates? 24 fingers can help you email like a pro.