Today we’re talking to Janet Jones, author of Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life, Janet is on a mission to help people improve their wealth, health and happiness. Sounds good, right?

#1. So, what’s your favourite word?


#2. What gets you up in the morning?

I go for an early morning walk and I really enjoy it. That 40 minutes really prepares me for my day – lots of endorphins, planning, visualising, meditating – it’s great.

#3. What do you truly, honestly think of social media?

I truly honestly think it’s very time-consuming, but at the same time, I have connected with old friends and new friends, so I think it’s a bit of a paradox. It offers both things.

#4. Kindles or books?

Oh, books.

#5. Oh, us too. What do you think is the biggest challenge to your industry right now?

I think there are a lot of people out there who are ready to rip someone off. People who are in a rut and need support don’t realise there are cowboys in this industry. My advice would be to choose your mentor wisely.

#6. Hear hear. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I always wanted to work in the theatre and make my way, eventually, to work in the movies, via television. Unfortunately I lacked self-belief when I had my interview with the BBC and never made it past the theatre. I had a great time though 🙂

#7. What led you to your current career?

The death of my father; he committed suicide. I was saved by the principles that I teach, rather than a doctor or anti-depressants and medication. Things happen in our life that can turn it upside down on a hairpin. You need tools to deal with it and to be able to learn them quickly.

#8. Can you use your favourite word in a sentence?

For me sky means infinite possibilities. The sky is your limit.

#9. Now can you make it rhyme?

The infinite potential of the sky can give you wings to fly.

#10. YES!! What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would say not to worry because it all turns out alright in the end.

#11. Amen. What’s the best thing anyone’s ever done for you?

Broke my heart, because it allowed me to find the true me and my own true happiness. That’s the greatest gift of all.

#12. There’s a song there somewhere. Tell us, what’s been your ‘career-defining’ moment?

I would say launching my book on International Day of Happiness this year.

#13. Go girl. If you won a big award of some kind, who would you thank?

My children – they’ve helped me and pushed me of my comfort zone.

#14. Can you give us a timesaver of the day?

I leave all my dishes till the end of the day and I never iron.

#15. A woman after our own heart. Where do you see your industry in 24 months?

I see it growing because more and more people are realising to lead a happy and fulfilling life, you can’t do it on your own, and that life can be better than it is.

#16. Where were you 24 months ago?

I was in my attic office writing my book. My nickname was Rapunzel.

#17. What’s an interesting fact about your company?

It’s got a really unique name. That was due to a Skype call with a friend in Canada, just after my divorce. I may have not have had a material fortune but I was a happiness millionaire.

#18. If you could have a 24-minute Skype chat with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

It would be my dad.

#19. What’s one word you’d want people to describe you with?


#20. Would you mind taking a selfie for us?

Here you go.

#21. What’s your favourite Twitter handle or social media campaign?

Richard Branson. I find his posts inspiring and full of possibilities. They make you feel uplifted and that you can do things.

#22. #ThisWomanCan. What’s one quote that defines your work ethic?

If you go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

#23. What’s been the best part of your day?

My morning walk – so beautiful to see the sun rise – oh, and this phone call.

#24. Finally, anything to plug?

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