Jealous of Justin Beiber’s fan base? Envious of Emma Watson’s online following? If you’re looking to find more Twitter followers for either yourself or your business, here’s a few top tips to get you started.

Twitter has become rapidly popular since it was founded in 2006, and now has well over 300 million monthly active users. But how do you get some of those tweeps to give you a follow?

Get the basics right

It’s a fact that users are more likely to buy from brands that tweet. And as a brand, whether it be your own personal ‘brand’ or your business, you need to present yourself well. A profile pic, a nice header photo and witty/informative bio are essential.

Also make sure your handle can be found elsewhere online – add your Twitter handle onto your website, or email signature.

Utilise the contacts you already have

You’re much more likely to be followed back if you follow someone you already know, so take a look through your contacts on email, Facebook or LinkedIn and start following those you don’t already. Also start following accounts with similar interests to you, as they will often want to follow you too. The universe is good like that.

Twitter conveniently has a ‘Who to follow’ section that suggests profiles you should follow, based on your interests, posts and those you already follow. Which is handy.

Engage in conversation

In general, the more you tweet, the more followers you’ll gain. But make sure you are not just sending tweets into the unknown – be interactive. Reply, retweet, quote tweets and get involved in trending topics. You’ll increase your reach significantly and users are more likely to reciprocate the favour of sharing posts.

Be sure to mix up your posts too so you’re not only promoting yourself – think about what you like seeing you in your feed and mirror it.

Need more of a helping hand? Drop us a line and we’ll have you your very own set of Beliebers in no time.