Posting on social media can be a tricky business – you want to appear active, up to date and *social* but you don’t want to come across as annoying, uninteresting or an over-sharer. So how do you find the balance? How often should you be posting online? Whether you are posting as an individual or on behalf of a business, one thing to note – posting is about quality, not quantity. It’s no good posting 100 times a day across all social platforms; that will just make users reach for the ‘unfollow’ button. Make sure the content you are sharing is interesting, funny or informative. And all three if you can manage it. There is a fine balance on how much you post a day, before engagement tails off. If you’re starting out, a good benchmark is to share a post once a day, every day and adapt to the interactions and interest you get.

If you’re looking for specific numbers, the guys at Sumall and Buffer have made a nifty infographic so you didn’t have to.