Companies are using AI technology to automate tasks faster, accurately and efficiently than ever before. You may have heard about artificial intelligence before, but the concept can be complex to understand. Artificial intelligence is the idea of machines learning to think for themselves, make their own decisions, and perform tasks. If only I could apply the same logic to my partner LOL.

With the advent of visual content, brands are now looking to leverage visual super-short video platforms to reach their audience. While creating a video might seem like a natural choice for brands, it’s not always easy and straight forward. Let’s take Instagram as an example: making a photo requires planning, finding the right accessories and props, setting up the right light conditions and avoiding angles with a double chin. We all know how important filters are, especially after a Friday night. Am I right? 

When you have so many steps to grow through before posting your own image on Instagram, how does this translate to TikTok? Well.. TikTok is insanely easy! All you need is your smartphone camera, set up a profile pic and post. However, with more than 500 million users in less than 6 months after its launch, it can get challenging for brands to stand out among all these users. Luckily enough AI and text-to-image technology can help you with this challenge. 

Text-to-image app DALL-E 2 was only released last month by artificial intelligence lab OpenAI to create human realistic artworks from a text prompt. In comparison to this state-of-the-art technology TikTok AI has a more abstract approach reflected in such prompts as “astronaut in the ocean” and “flower galaxy”. If this all sounds a little too hippie for you rest assured it has not stopped content creators using the concept to promote their business. From themes such pop culture references to testing out a business and username handles, companies are getting creative in their approach.

What makes the text-to-image generator so interesting for users is the unpredictability it creates, each experience is unique and personalised. As a platform TikTok has been ahead of the curve when releasing exciting features for creators, which is why it has maintained popularity with its users. 

That begs the question if TikTok is limited, why hop on the trend? Using a trending feature increases the odds of landing on the app’s covered For You Page. By creating content that people are engaging with at the time it is a great way to get your company name out there and seen by more people. More people seeing your content means more dollar.

If you are interested in checking out the AI green screen filter for your self the new filter can be accessed by pressing the ‘Effects’ button beside “Record” on the apps home screen. Type ‘AI green screen’ into the Effects search bar and select the logo that says AI you will then be able to type in your first prompt. 

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