Instagram’s ever-growing popularity means it’s now officially bigger than Twitter – but how can you utilise this for your business? It’s time to forget the filters and take things to the next level.


  1. Don’t be too salesy.  

Instagram in some ways is frustrating for businesses because you can’t include a clickable link in your caption – but this can also be a good thing. People on Instagram don’t want to be sold to, they’re looking for creativity. So show your product in a witty, imaginative, playful way and you’ll get those double taps in no time. It’ll make you memorable, promise.


  1. Contented customers

Never underestimate power of consumer-generated content. I admit, I am one of those people who instantly wants to Instagram a snap of my new product/clothes/coffee. There’s a huge pool of content ready for your use – regram a consumer’s snap, then tag and praise them. They’ll be excited and proud to see their snap shared and you’ve got today’s Instagram ticked off your list with a happy customer.


  1. Be a source of inspiration.

A great way to build a genuine connection with your customer base is to be a source of inspiration for them – and vice versa, as touched on above. You want your customer to think ‘I want to find inspiration on X, so I’m heading to their Instagram’. Make sure you check the tags and mentions to see what’s inspiring your customers. Scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours.


  1. Why so serious?

Instagram is a creative and accessible place so a formal, promo stock photo won’t go down well. It’s a place for you to show humour and have fun.


  1. Hashtaggin’

#Don’t #hashtag #everything. Know your #tbt from your #fwis. Hashtags are a chance for you to reach a wider audience, show you know the Insta-crowd and how to get their attention.


  1. Backstage

As mentioned, far too many brands are boring and formal on Instagram. It’s a great place to show a little behind-the-scenes action – remind your customer that you aren’t just a boring bunch in an office. Here’s the 24 fingers squad celebrating International Women’s Day – a perfect way to show a little personality with a relevant message.



  1. Videos

Break up static images with videos – they are a playful and easy way for your customers and fans to view your content.


Oh, and if you were wondering, #tbt = throwback Thursday, and #fwis = from where I stand.


Get 24 fingers on the case for your business and get ready to rake in those double taps.