#CourgetteCrisis to the British Intelligence’s latest round of recruitment, social media has been nothing short of entertaining this week.

After all, there’s nothing quite like an edition of #WINS and #FAILS to beat the pesky #JanuaryBlues….

Britain, we have a problem

There’s been a courgette crisis sweeping across the nation, and hundreds of Brits have turned to social media to do what they do best: complain.

As blizzard conditions have been taking a heavy toll on crops in southern Spain, shaken shoppers have expressed a sense of despair over low stocks and rocketing prices. And, as history has proven time and time again, with profound First World Problems comes Twitter mockery:

We’re just surprised it isn’t the recent courgetti trend that caused this crisis to *spiral* out of control.

Either way, James had something to say about it:


Sweet or Salty?

Trump’s historic inauguration can take a back seat, as something much more momentous happened this week:

National. Popcorn. Day.

Us too, AMC Theatres, us too.

And, if you’re looking to switch up your eating habits (new year, new you, right?), here’s some inspiration:


5-Star Reviews on Goodreads

When #MakeABookAmerican began trending on Monday, the Twittersphere couldn’t help but go down the political route:

(A personal favourite)

And then, of course, there’s always that one sarcastic Brit:

LindSAY What!

You probably haven’t found Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan in cinemas near you for a long while. Probably because she’s been busy finding something of her own:


After a series of bizarre occurrences – the most recent being an Instagram cull of all her own photos and a cryptic bio update – fans have speculated whether Lohan has abandoned her bougie (and boozy…) ways and found Islam.

In a statement to Us Weekly, Lohan’s rep has said the actress is “in a period of renewal”.

If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that if Lindsay Lohan can follow through with New Year’s resolutions, anyone can.


Join the Squad

If you’re a teenage girl, social-media savvy and reading this, security services need you.

Government Communications Headquarters are launching a nationwide competition for schoolgirls aged 13 to 15, as part of a plan to recruit more female spies to its ranks.

The initiative is the first of its kind to be set up, with Spy chiefs hoping that it will attract future ‘Jane Bonds’ to help protect the UK from all online threats.

With women currently only making up 10% of the global cyber workforce, here’s to more #GIRLPOWER!