LinkedIn advertising, Facebook Reactions, Snapchat’s Ad Manager – it’s been a big week for social media. Luckily we’ve got the low-down on all the latest, greatest updates to get you social media-savvy….

Time to get your geek on.

Reach Your People

LinkedIn means business. The networking service is officially rolling out Matched Audiences, a feature that helps all LinkedIn advertisers target their ads based on people’s web browsing activity, email addresses and employers. It’s in-depth market research at its finest.


LinkedIn’s targeted ads will appear where people are looking to do strictly business, and since LinkedIn will consider both primary and secondary email addresses (you know what they say – never mix work with pleasure….) attached to people’s profiles, business-to-business marketers will have a higher chance of hitting their target audience.


On top of that, advertisers have the chance to get super-specific with their targeting, connecting them to the right audiences through gender, age, location, job title and even seniority level. “Most marketers would agree that customer targeting and remarketing is a game of ‘Data Science’. Not Big Data, but Real-Big-Accurate Data will solve the problem for marketers in targeting the right audiences who are interested in taking the journey forward”, LinkedIn said in a statement.

An exciting audience targeting tool for marketers, we can only expect LinkedIn to drop more features in the near future.

Express Yourself

If we could react to Facebook’s newest update, it would be this:


For Facebook users can now react to COMMENTS with emoji. The newest feature lets people respond to discussions under posts and status updates with a ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’. Online communication has just got so much better.

Handy for relaying the right message with only a tap of a button, Facebook have stated “we’ve heard from people that they’d like more ways to show their reaction in conversations on Facebook, so we’re rolling out the ability to react to comments”. Ask, and you shall receive!

Snapchat is at Your Service 

Small, medium, large – brands of ALL sizes can rejoice, as Snapchat is set to launch a self-service advertising platform inclusive for everyone.

Available in the UK and other European markets from June, the tool is is available at absolutely NO cost and marketers can buy, manage, optimise and view data across all their campaigns. Not only that, but the Ad Manager works together with the Snapchat Mobile Dashboard, letting advertisers view their ‘Snap Ads’ through the eyes of the user they’re targeting. It’s (techy) magic.


So, how does one review the campaign metrics? Don’t fret. Brands will be able to track all the stats live and receive key campaign notifications straight to their mobiles.

As seen above, the tool is accessible right from the Snapchat app, no frills or fuss! Big brands, it’s time to move over.