8th – 14th May 2017 marks Mental Health Awareness Week, a campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide much-needed support to the two in three people who will suffer a mental health problem within their lifetime. 

Across social media, charities, organisations and individuals are coming together to share stories, advice and show their support. Here’s the 24 fingers’ digest in what’s been an inspirational, thought-provoking and touching week so far.

Following a recent global survey which showed one in six pupils are unhappy at the age of 15, it seems this problem isn’t going away at adulthood any time soon.


As we know, poor mental health can affect anyone, at any time, without discrimination. From the Royal family, with Prince Harry sharing his own struggle this April:

to high-profile sportspeople:



to entrepreneurs:


to inspirational teenagers:


and our armed forces’ heroes:


the clear message is that’s it’s ok not to be ok.  Among the wealth of practical advice and techniques shared, these stood out:






The #InYourCorner campaign from @TimeToChange reiterated how crucial it is for people to have someone (anyone) to talk to.


Or perhaps you could have a chat over a beard trim (E’d’s note: LOVE this).


Just to be listened to, understood and accepted can sometimes make all the difference:




and a little light relief always goes a long way:


Thanks to the tireless work of some incredible charities, more people are receiving help for poor mental health, although of course, the work never stops. Here are some ways to get involved and work towards helping future generations:




Leaving you with this pledge from @david3012 and Mind. We’re not giving up either.