Lennon and McCartney. Emma and Kathy. Steve Jobs and Wozniak. They are among some of the world’s greatest partnerships, creating music, movie characters and must-have technology that brightened the four corners of the world. 

24 fingers aims to bring a little illumination too, with our latest collaboration. We’ve teamed up with the Microsoft Experience Centre in London to offer a series of free joint workshops which launch next month.

The first event kicks off on November 4th, and takes a one-hour look at world-class hacks for young professionals. Want to know how to write a kick-ass CV using Word, or create a PowerPoint presentation that will blow a prospective boss’s socks off? This one’s for you. 

The joint workshops with Microsoft run right through November, December and well into the New Year and will cover subjects including how to create a vision board using One Note, cybersecurity for small businesses – we reckon that one will be very popular – and empowering your small business. 

Emma Goode of 24 fingers said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Microsoft on these joint workshops. It’s a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to get to grips with their technology and learn new skills that will boost their businesses. We can’t wait to get started.”     

You can check out our full list of events and workshops on Eventbrite, but don’t forget to sign up early and secure your place so you don’t miss out. 

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