We’ve previously highlighted how Pinterest can be seen as a bit of a hobbyist indulgence. Don’t be fooled by that slightly soft reputation: the Pinterest Predicts annual trend forecast is better than Mystic Meg for being right on the money. 

Now is the chance to find out whether your business can capitalise on one or more of its forecasts, as we cast an expert eye over the top trends Pinterest believes will be big in 2024. 

Karate Kids

In the 1980s, every child and their pyjamas wanted to be Ralph Macchio (even though he was about 34). In 2024, the Gen Zers will be looking at a range of combat sports to provide down time, stress relief and a sense of empowerment. 

Our top search term: ‘kickboxing aesthetic’, up an impressive 265%. 

Bonkers for Badminton 

Sticking with the sports theme is Pinterest’s prediction that Millennial and Gen Z consumers will go all-out for badminton. Whether anyone can say ‘shuttlecock’ without smirking remains to be seen. 

Our top search term: ‘badminton bag’, at +105%. 

Booming beauty care

Go booooomers. They will be lining up alongside Gen Zers to snap up all things body care in 2024. If your business offers beauty products aimed at anywhere from the neck down, these are your people. 

Our top search term: ‘body skincare routine’ – up a jaw-dropping 1,025%.

True blue

Another Pinterest trend to watch out for in 2024: the return of blue beauty products, driven by demand from Gen Z and Millennials. From faces to fingertips: the bolder the better. 

Our top search term: ‘fun blue nails’ – up a nifty 260%.

Shining silver

From blue hues we slip to cool chrome: silver metal shades will be everywhere next year, especially among Gen Z and Millennials. Expect some spacey, sci-fi chic, from nail art to interior design as metal goes mainstream. 

Our top search term: ‘nail art metallic’, up a hefty 295%.

Grab Grandad’s cardie 

The past will be another source of inspo to Gen Zers and Boomers in 2024 as they take what Pinterest dubs ‘grandpa core’ and run with it. Thankfully, there’s not a flat cap and heated big slipper in sight: rather chic cardigans, customised clothing and retro streetwear. 

Our top search term: ‘customised denim jacket’ up a sprightly 355%. 

Taking a bow 

You won’t need to keep your eyes peeled for this 2024 fashion trend, because Pinterest reckons bows will be everywhere. From teeny-tiny ones on shoes to bigger ones for clothing and hair, creators are going to have their hands full with this one. 

Our top search term: ‘bow outfit’ +190%.  

Big, bouncy and bold 

Anyone who remembers the 1980s may feel as if they’re having flashbacks in 2024, but panic not. It will just be Millennials and Gen Z indulging their passions for larger-than-life hair and jewellery. 

Our top search term: ‘big bun’ swelling by 230%. 

Kitchen party, anyone?

We’re huge fans of recycling and upcycling at 24 fingers. Next year Gen Xers and Boomers will be driving the trend for kitsch kitchens, packed with vintage appliances and thrifted accessories. Bold splashes of colour will be everywhere. 

Our top search term: ‘eccentric kitchen’, +160%.

Cafe, home style

Baristas are going to be weeping into their aprons next year, thanks to Boomers and Gen X deciding to do coffee for themselves. The interior vibe will aim to recreate everything the coffee shop offers (except the crowds).

Our top search term: ‘coffee bar styling’  up a mouthwatering 1,125%. 

Fantastic food fusions 

What happens if you put a pizza and a pie together? Apart from raging indigestion and an expanding waistline, Pinterest reckons these sorts of mash-ups will be the go-to food fad for Gen X and Boomers. Pass the hot sauce… 

Our top search term: ‘cheeseburger tacos’ up a gut-busting 255%. 

One person’s trash… 

Boomers and Gen X consumers will be driving another important trend for 2024, according to Pinterest: upcycling. It will cover everything you can think of, from clothing to furniture and even food. (We never leave a biscuit behind…) 

Our top search term: ‘small scrap wood projects DIY’ up a mega 1,220%.

When Dracula Met Billy the Kid

Yep, Western goth will be a design thing in 2024, thanks to Gen Z and Boomers. Pinterest predicts lots of moody interiors, based on a dark colour palette and fringes. We’ll believe that one when we see it. 

Our top search term: ‘Western bedding ideas’ +310%. 

It’s jazz, but not as we know it 

Millennials and Gen Z will be driving another fashion and interiors trend in 2024: vintage jazz. They’ll be freestyling fashion and interiors based on the sound. If jazz is your bag, you’ll be the coolest cat in town. Nice.

Our top search term: ‘jazz aesthetic clothing’ up a bebopping 180%. 

Lolly from jelly

Definitely one of the odder predictions from Pinterest’s report: the jelly aesthetic is going to be big in 2024, particularly among Gen Z and Millennials. Think everything from couture and interiors to hair and beauty. 

Our top search term: ‘jellyfish haircut’ up a whopping 615%. 

Totally tropical 

If cowboy goth, jazz and jelly don’t float your boat (or fall into your business niche), keep an eye on the Boomers and Gen Zers. They will be seeking food, interiors and fashion inspo from all things tropical: expect lots of hot colours and hibiscus. 

Our top search term: ‘tropical chic decor’ up by a scorching 110%. 

Money makeover 

If you’re a ceramicist or potter, this one’s for you: demand for customised piggy banks and bank cards from Gen Z and Millennials is set to skyrocket next year. Think stickers with lots of personality. 

Our top search term: ‘credit card stickers’ +140%. 

Going off-road…

Everyone loves getting away from it all, and for Boomers and Gen X, 2024 will be the year they load up their cars and head off into the great outdoors. Campfire singalong and a sausage-onna-stick, anyone? 

Our top search term: ‘overland gear’ up 110%. 

…and taking it slow 

While Boomers and Gen X are yomping in the wild, holidays for Gen Z and Millennials in 2024 will be very different. They want to take their feet off the gas and put them up somewhere they can snooze. Amen to that. 

Our top search term: ‘ASMR sleep’ up an intriguing 165%. 

Stylish fish and trendy turtles

If you are in the aquaculture business, 2024 is going to be your year, according to Pinterest. Gen Xers and Millennials are set to become aquarium adepts, with over-the-top designs a big trend. We can’t wait to see the boards for this one… 

Our top search term: ‘fish tank themes ideas’ bubbling up by 410%. 

Marking kids’ every moment 

Brace yourselves for a heart-bursting 2024 as parents celebrate pretty much everything their offspring achieve, from their first tooth to moving up to ‘big school’. If you’re in the celebration cupcakes biz, or sentimental keepsakes, this trend’s for you. 

Our top search term: ‘potty training rewards ideas’  + 100%. 

Wild and wonderful weddings 

It’s not just fashion and interiors that will be getting a vintage overhaul in 2024. Boomers and Millennials will mine the 1970s (gawd help us) for their wedding inspo. Time to get groovy, all you wedding-adjacent businesses. 

Our top search term: ‘groovy wedding’ +170%. 

Chitty chitty chat chat 

Forget a shy and retiring 2024 if you’re a Gen Z or Millennial. They are going to be the main drivers of a trend to forge deeper connections and find new conversation starters. The big question is: will any topic be off the table? 

Our top search term: ‘hot seat questions’ up a squirmy 825%. 

So, there you have it. A whistle-stop run-down of what Pinterest predicts will be big for 2024. 

Whether you want to jump on these trends, or start one of your own, 24 fingers can help with your Pinterest strategy for small businesses. Talk to us and get goodies all year round.