It would be so easy to think there’s only doom and gloom going on in the world at the moment. Whether it’s the coronavirus health crisis, the merry-go-round of politics (both here and abroad), and the state of the global economy… There’s no wonder watching or reading the news can be hard work. Thank goodness for Positive Media Day. 

To celebrate the fact there ARE uplifting stories out there, we’ve rounded up 10 places where you can immerse yourselves in good news stories. Settle back and brace yourselves for some sunshine… 

Good News Network 

Listed at the top of Google’s ranking for good news, this site has been dishing out positive stories since 1997, and says: “good news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is”. 

Positive News

This site and magazine is packed with uplifting and insightful features from around the world. It promotes “constructive journalism”, focusing on “rigorous and relevant journalism that is focused on progress, possibility, and solutions”. 


If you’re looking for “meaningful, constructive, and impactful stories”, then this is the site for you. INKLINE says it offers solutions-focused news, interviews with go-getters championing sociocultural causes and in-depth solutions journalism. We love it. 

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Founded by artist and musician David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame), Reasons to Be Cheerful describes itself as “part magazine, part therapy session, part blueprint for a better world”, and aims to “balance a sense of healthy optimism with journalistic rigour, and find cause for hope”. 

The Guardian: The Upside

Whether you like or loathe the Guardian, it’s Upside section really does what it says on the tin. As well as covering important environmental and social stories, it explores solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues. We particularly like the dogs in lockdown piece.   


Dubbed a “nonprofit news, action and connection hub”, this wonderful site has been on the go since 2009, and wears its heart very much on its sleeve. We defy you not to get behind their philosophy: “it’s only through sharing, cooperation, and contribution to the common good that it’s possible to create lives and a world worth having”.

Vox: Future Perfect

Whether you like your good news packaged as a news article, a podcast or sent in a newsletter, this site has it all. It sets out to “write about what’s important, not just what’s new” and does so very well, if we say so ourselves. 


Launched in 2013, this non-profit has been busily sharing stories about people coming up with solutions to the many problems facing the modern world. It also runs a mentor programme, so any budding journalists or commentators out there should take a look. 

 BBC: People Fixing the World

You can always trust good old Auntie Beeb to make sure positive news gets out there, and this podcast page is packed to the gills with the good stuff. A quick warning – you may have to have the odd hanky to hand… 

Politico Magazine: What Works Next

Some of publishing’s heaviest hitters are hitching a ride on the good news train, and Politico is no exception. This section examines how millennials are coming up with solutions for age-old problems. It’s uplifting, quality stuff.  

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