Yes, a lot of Pinterest is wedding pictures but that doesn’t mean it’s not a profitable place for your business. Pinning can create plenty of profit, especially if promoted.

That’s why Pinterest recently announced its new ‘Promoted Pins’ option. Just like normal ones only the more you pay, the more people will see them. Pinterest says the marketing goals this can help achieve include: awareness, engagement and traffic. Sounds great right? Let’s have a look at how:

People on Pinterest are seeking inspiration. With a promoted pin, you can introduce your brand to an audience that is already interested and ready to take action. Yay 🙂

Not only that, but the number of people using Pinterest in the UK grew by more than 50 per cent in the past year – so if your business isn’t on there you could be missing out, big time.

When someone likes what they see, they’ll pin it for later.

They’ve saved a pin of your product? Bingo! When someone saves a pin, they clearly have an intention for it so it probably means they’ll take the next step and purchase.

Pinterest have stated that Promoted Pins see engagement rates of 2-5 per cent higher than the industry average which means that once you’ve got your Promoted Pin going to the right people, it’s more likely to lead to brand engagement. Which leads to the final benefit…

Website traffic
Once they’ve pinned your product, it’s time to bring that inspiration to life. Promoted Pins will drive the traffic to your website, pinners can explore the other products you offer and feel inspired. They may even pin more products and email their friends via Pinterest – et voila, your brand is getting noticed.

Ready to pin for profit? Get in touch to harness the power of Pinterest.