Like millions of people, lockdown has stopped Saffron Hogg from doing the two things she loves best: expending energy and speaking to people. 24 fingers to the rescue 🦸‍♀

Bubbly, Birmingham-based Saffron is a 22-year-old final year French BSc student, and when she isn’t giving our Scheenagh Harrington foreign lingo pointers, she will be our new Engagement Assistant.

We have her mum to thank for Saffron crossing our paths. She was on the Get Leads by Daniel Priestley course with Emma, who thought she would be perfect for the company as an Engagement Assistant (proof – as if we needed it that – Emma’s always right).

“I am more than ready to put all of my social energy into my role at 24 fingers and get people interested in the company,” Saffron said, who described her superpower as “making others happy”. We’re not sure if that one’s a knickers-on-the-outside job, but we like the sound of it.

“I take pride in my loyalty and willingness to put others before myself in order to ensure that my friends and family are always at their happiest and healthiest,” she said. “There isn’t much fun in life if you’re the only one that’s able to enjoy it!”

Even if we didn’t know her fave cocktail was Sex on the Beach (oooh the sand though, Saffron, it gets in ALL the cracks), the fact she wants to be stuck in a lift with Benedict Cumberbatch – for obvious reasons – and ask him to say penguins (he struggles to say it, bless him) means we reckon she’ll fit right in. Welcome to 24 fingers, Saffron.

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