To me, to Craig David

Finally, something surprisingly good has come out of Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Paul Chuckle took this epic selfie with Craig David. Take note that he properly tagged Mr David and used a cheeky emoji. Paul, if you want a job, let us know.

Cute cat VS cancer     

What could be better than a cat video on the internet?   A cat video on the internet helping to fight skin cancer, that’s what.   This incredible ad campaign proves that curiosity won’t kill the cat, it’ll save the dog. A super cute kitten inspecting every inch of a Dalmatian to highlight the need to check for ‘beauty’ spots that could be the first signs of skin cancer. Genius. Plus it caused a lot (A LOT) of high-pitched squeaking in the office.  


Deliveroo delivered

Every now and then, we see a campaign and think ‘Damn, we wish that was our idea’. We had that yesterday. #JamiesDeliveroo was announced on Facebook at 8.30am and was trending on Twitter just half an hour later. To get involved, you simply had to tweet your workplace and city to be in with a chance of winning a ‘Super Food Lunch’ from Jamie Oliver delivered by Deliveroo.     

Once both companies had started pushing it, people got involved and lunches got delivered. All Jamie’s social media team had to do was sit back and retweet the snaps of entire offices enjoying his salad.





It’s a no from me

One of the things 24 fingers has mastered is knowing when to use trending hashtags… and when not to. HB Ice Cream take note with this shocker.

#Cringe (get that one trending), who knew ice cream advertising could ever be a bad thing?