There was a lot to be thankful for this week in the world of social media.

Dogs near and far got in on the Mannequin Challenge, McDonald’s debuted its festive menu and you can now get your favourite tweets turned into temporary tattoos…

Hold Still  

You might have heard of the Mannequin Challenge by now — the viral video craze that involves people imitating mannequins and freezing for the camera.

Everyone from James Corden to your next door neighbour has gotten involved. And while there have been some incredible Mannequin Challenge efforts, us humans are getting SERIOUSLY upstaged by our four-legged friends.

Like this Boxer:

Everyone go home. These two canines have the best renditions of the Mannequin Challenge, ever. 



In a horrifying glitch of all horrifying glitches, Twitter managed to suspend its own CEO’s account on Tuesday.

The social network’s founder and chief executive, Jack Dorsey, was suspended from the site due to an ‘internal mistake’, but, like a twisted joke, the horror didn’t end there. Jack Dorsey lost 700,000 followers in the process.

Twitter reacted:

We can practically hear the crickets chirping.


TOUCAN Play That Game

Wins and Fails would not be complete without, what do you know, a weird trending hashtag.

This week’s? #SingAboutAnimals.

Possibly catchier than the original?

You’ll never hear Bonnie Tyler the same way again.


Orange you glad

Stop what you’re doing.

You heard right.

McDonald’s have released a Christmas menu, and it’s a thing of dreams.

Among Chocolate Banoffee Pies and Cheese Melt Dippers (!), there’s the most important, the most delicious — the Terry’s Chocolate Orange McFlurry.

When news broke on social media, people couldn’t deal:

Excuse us, too.

But, of course, there’s always that one troll who has to rain on everyone’s parade:

Oh @Josh_Coyle_12, what do we do with you?


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Ever stumble across a tweet and think, “Good god, that’s the wittiest thing I’ve ever read”?

With Twitter Tats’ genius service, your favourite tweets can now be (temporarily) immortalised on your skin.

Forget a Shakespeare quote. Twitter Tats offers tweets-of-wisdom-turned-temporary-tattoos from celebrities, tech giants and superstar athletes.

Being a walking social media network has never looked so stylish.