The US presidential election may have dominated our lives this week, but it wasn’t the only change we had to try and embrace. Emotions ran high as the impact of Brexit took its toll, and we weren’t sure how we were going to feel after watching John Lewis’ Christmas advert…


Mind the Gap

As if Brexit hadn’t been bad enough already, Toblerone made things worse for us Brits when they changed the size and shape of their chocolate bar.

People kicked off…

And naturally, blamed Brexit.

A Toblerone spokeswoman attributed the change of size to the rising cost of ingredients. Whilst they said “this change wasn’t done as a result of Brexit”, they weren’t able to explain why only the UK was affected and not the rest of Europe.

Devastating. But at least we had our priorities in order, right?



Twitter played its Trump card

Donald Trump’s shock win in the US presidential election caused more chaos on Twitter than when he had control over his own account. People were not OK.

Some people tried to look on the bright orange side… (not really)

Canada’s immigration website crashed as Americans tried desperately to see how they could flee the country. To which Canada responded by dropping the mic. 

Should we have expected this though? Twitter users pointed out that The Simpsons had already called it, years prior.

What else do they know?


Time to Buster-move

Fortunately, the week ended on a higher note as John Lewis introduced us to #BustertheBoxer in its highly anticipated Christmas advert – which has already been viewed more than seven million times.

And we were *jumping* for joy when we realised the advert had its own Snapchat filter…

#BustertheBoxer #BustertheBoxer


John Lewis, can you handle it?

This week we also saw our favourite Twitter user and the world’s most polite man resurface. John Lewis, whose Twitter handle is @johnlewis, continuously gets mistaken for the shop @johnlewisretail. But does he ever get frustrated with this? No. Instead, he attempts to reply with a certain kindness and humour that we all should adopt.


John Lewis – turning #FAILS into #WINS, year after year.