It’s getting hot in here

Whilst temperatures rose to unbearable levels this week, Greenpeace tweeted this cute little elephant doing what we all wanted to be doing…


Artists from all over the world turned Twitter into a virtual museum for the day, sharing beautiful pieces of artwork in all forms throughout history, each celebrating  art and inclusivity.

And a very special ‘like’ for our friend Martin Firrell with his 2008 projection at St Paul’s Cathedral, entitled “The Question Mark Inside”.

#Snapchat, do you take thee?

Victoria Secrets’ model Miranda Kerr announced her engagement to social media mogul and Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. Appropriately Kerr posted a picture featuring a bitmoji (owned by Snapchat) of the proposal. Awww.





STILL in the news and causing far more havoc this week. Users have been caught out in forests and mountain ranges, car crashes and even shop roofs. Pokemon have issued warnings on the app to ‘Stay aware of your surroundings’ with Scotland’s Stirling Police (or should that be the sterling police of Scotland) issued a *face-palm* worthy tweet. Stay safe people.



When Melania Trump delivered her RNC speech, people were quick to pick up that it sounded awfully a lot like Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech to the Democratic National Convention – and they were not wrong. It would seem that whole paragraphs were lifted from the FLOTUS’ speech without any recognition.


Accused of blatant plagiarism, Trump’s campaign team then tried every excuse in the book to deny the claims, before finally admitting defeat. She’s tried to move on since, but Twitter won’t let her just yet – with countless and hilarious #FamousMelianaTrumpQuotes tweets dominating news feeds throughout the week. Doh.