After a sunny weekend, the week started off with the usual dose of much needed #MondayMotivation


Pokemon Go continues to dominate our news feeds with no signs of slowing down. The next business jumping on the bandwagon with a new social media campaign is Deliveroo, who have coined the new hashtag #GottaFeedThemAll. Teaming up with Yo Sushi, the food delivery service encouraged tweeters of London to use the hashtag for free food on Monday.

Cakespeare’s Globe

This year marks 400 years of Shakespeare’s legacy, and what better way to celebrate than with a cake. Ladies and gentlemen, I present thee, Cakespeare’s Globe:



Twitter came together to share their funniest Brand spelling mistakes. Fails, fails everywhere.

Big brands even got involved with some playful spelling mistakes on their own products:

#FAIL but also a #WIN ?

All press is good press, right?

On Wednesday, girl group Little Mix had a brief Instagram blunder, when the caption of one of their photos posted included copy, presumably from their PR agency. Oops.


But this isn’t the first time a celebrity has been slack with their copy-and-pasting – high profile celebs such as Scott Disick and Naomi Campbell have also slipped up when posting pictures, both of which were deleted within moments but still made headlines across the internet and gained far more attention than if the photo had been posted correctly. Which leads to the question – was it really a fail, or just a clever marketing ploy?