Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… That’s right, Twitter, the staple app on most of our smartphones, is now a decade old.

For a whole generation it is hard to imagine a time before social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have revolutionised communication. Twitter itself has been the stage for some big stories because of the speed it can react, often beating mainstream media to the report.

  1. Bradley Cooper’s celebrity-filled selfie at the Oscars was tweeted by Ellen DeGeneres and has been retweeted a phenomenal 3,342,085 times, at last count.
  2. Obama announced his second presidency with this snap of him and his wife. Makes you feel all warm and cuddly doesn’t it?
  3. Uproar at Twitter’s change of the star for the heart ‘like’ button. Many felt it was too close to Facebook for comfort.
  4. Twitter has become an important tool for online marketing for companies, introducing personality and accountability for brands.
  5. The unique 140-character limit turns writing tweets into an art form.
  6. There is no limit to who you can contact. Unlike Facebook, email, even letters and phone calls, Twitter is transparent and open to all. Any tweet has the potential to go viral and make the news.
  7. Everyone is welcome to reply. With it constantly refreshing, there is no need to worry about clogging people’s news feeds.
  8. Self-promotion and networking are is easy on Twitter. There are plenty of opportunities to ‘meet’ like-minded people in your field, it may even get you a job.
  9. #BlackLivesMatter – this campaign is an example of times when the shifting political landscape has been mirrored on Twitter, proof that there is still power in the people. Many political leaders use Twitter to keep on top of public opinion.
  10. Who doesn’t like a happy ending? Marriage proposals are common on Twitter 🙂

Find out how your business can capitalise on this unique social platform and make all your birthdays come at once.