Sick of only being able to share GIFs on Facebook? You’ll be pleased to hear that Twitter GIFs are now available. Phew. When tweeting from a mobile device, you can add a GIF by tapping the icon between the picture and poll buttons.



Twitter had noted that 100,000,000 GIFs were shared on Twitter so it’s little surprise sharing GIFs in tweets and direct messages has been made easy with the GIF search feature. By tapping the icon, Twitter users can search Giphy’s massive database to find that perfect animated something.

(Us when we find the perfect GIF.)


There are more updates planned so it’s not just mobile users who can GIF to their heart’s content. After some of the questionable features Twitter has introduced recently, it’s got this one spot on.



Get more from your Twitter GIFs, find out what 24 fingers can do for your business. Dancing cats optional.