Without sounding horribly dramatic, the future is video. And then more video. With the ever-increasing popularity of apps such as Snapchat, short, snappy video content is where it’s at, offering brands the type of flexibility and creative opportunities that are just too good to miss. Here’s how to flex your directing muscle and make your video hit the spot.

Including the right keywords in your video’s title is key. The description and tags should also be brimming with relevant keywords to attract the right people, and increase SEO benefits. (Unsure about SEO techniques? Head this way).

A call to action, or CTA, is a way to push people to where you want them. A product page? Your website? Simply another video? Don’t overlook a strong CTA – it’s your chance to walk your customer to where you want them.

The right thumbnail for your video will ensure you get those all-important clicks, and if it’s a great snap that represents a great video it’ll keep people watching longer – so don’t use a misleading thumbnail – or else.

YouTube allows you 120 characters for tagging your video. Use each and every one. The more keywords the better.

Keep it short and sweet. In an age of live streaming and Snapchat, people won’t watch something forever. Long rambling videos won’t get any engagement, so don’t cram too much into one video. Lots of snappy videos will do better than your reworking of The Hobbit.

As new statistics released show that 80 per cent of Facebook videos are viewed without sound, it’s important your videos reflect this. They cannot be sound dependent or people will just keep scrolling. Think Charlie Chaplin and the era of silent movies.

When creating the video, ensure it’s ready to share across all platforms. It’ll have to be shortened for Instagram and Vine – and cropped to square. Make sure you’re aware of these things when filming. Oh, and don’t forget to always upload it straight onto the platform instead of using a YouTube link. It’ll look and play better, promise.

Got an event coming up? A new product to launch? Video is the perfect medium for announcements and, when it’s done in a shareable way, it’ll go far.

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