He’s offended more countries than we’ve had Diet Cokes, and now he’s the Foreign Secretary. Time will tell how Boris Johnson handles this one, but until then Twitter has had a pretty good guess.

Prince Harry has a reputation with the public that is the envy of most members of his extended family. He’s cool, hard-working, good-looking and loves a party. But a live HIV text on the Royal Family’s Facebook page? Brave one might say. Good on Hazza for doing great work for the Terence Higgins Trust. #Win.


Pokemon GO! Is the gaming success of the century, it seems. Everyone seems to be playing it, so of course, where there is fun, there’s the ‘ealth and safety police. The actual police have been posting warnings on their social media platforms and this one takes the biscuit. Or should that be the Bulbasoar? Derbyshire Police, hat’s off to you.

And in other #wins this week, Game of Thrones has been nominated for a whole TWENTY THREE Emmys. This reaction from actress Maisie Williams says it all.