The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many things into sharp relief, from work-life balance to why more women entrepreneurs are still having to juggle their careers with domestic tasks than men to why more female-led businesses have had to shut up shop during the pandemic.

Facebook’s July 2020 Global State of Small Business Report revealed just 62% of UK women-led small and medium-sized businesses were operational or engaging in revenue-generating activities during COVID-19, compared with 71% of their male-led UK counterparts.

Managing Director Emma Goode will be hosting one of Facebook’s Virtual Conversations series, and will be addressing this issue – as well as several others – in a free-to-attend discussion on Tuesday September 22, 12:00 pm BST

Aimed at women entrepreneurs, it will focus on the unique challenges they face in starting, maintaining and growing a business, especially during the pandemic. 

This informal, ‘safe space’ discussion will give every participant a chance to explore what we can do – both individually and collectively – to support more female entrepreneurs of all ages and ethnicities, and lower the barriers preventing women getting into business.

We invite you to join us. Reserve your place here and if you would like to suggest topics for future meet-ups, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing Emma.