We all love a good chinwag here at 24 fingers towers. We’ll natter about anything, though it’s mostly shoes and social media. Chatting about what we like, listening to and swapping ideas makes for a very happy team.

So you can imagine our reaction when we got wind of new social media app Clubhouse. Available to download on the App store for iPhone, it’s a platform unlike any other, because all you need is your voice.

Clubhouse takes videoconferencing and chucks away the video, letting users listen to discussions from ordinary people and, in some cases, celebrities, as you would a podcast. So far so good – but with Clubhouse, YOU can get involved too, either by joining in a discussion or leading a talk on a subject you want to explore.

It’s currently an invitation-only service and based on the connections you make on the platform, so you might have to hang around for a bit until you’re invited to a talk. Once you’re in though, it’s fascinating and – dare we say it – a bit addictive.

You can find different talks by using keyword searches to find topics of interest and this is where we think Clubhouse could be great for business owners. It’s has massive viral potential, and the more you ask questions or get invited up on a ‘stage’, the more people will check out your profile, making it a fast and powerful way to grow your business network and get some much-needed human contact.

Plus, because there’s no video you can listen or participate while wearing your jammies with the world’s worst bed hair and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

Clubhouse also taps into the growing voice trend (think of all those people bellowing away at their smart speakers). Social media has been image and video led for so long, we think hearing someone speak will end up being far more than a novelty, and offer business owners another way to test out and market their products and services.

Give it a whirl and let us know how you get on. We might even see you there…

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