So the Brexit thing happened. And when things happen, the internet likes to have its say. Here’s a round-up of our favourites.


This overwhelming subtlety.



Big up Buzzfeed for clarifying the options we all have.  


This guy, for pointing out the important issues



knowing me, knowing EU

Knowing me, knowing EU – AHA!      


Leaf or Romaine says Innocent Smoothies – you clever little juicers, you…  

After #CatsAgainstBrexit, we didn’t think Brexit things could get any cuter. Until #dogsatpollingstations popped up…



  This gift of foresight on the £1  

This bad timing by Dorothy Perkins


dorothy perkins


Same @ Harry Styles



And this from Costa. Someone hadn’t had their SuperDay Smoothie before pressing send…




This guy making Cameron a meme, genius    

This perfect analogy