Facebook, ever on the lookout for ways to help entrepreneurs of all sizes get a leg up, has come up with a nifty solution for anyone whose marketing tank of inspiration has run dry: the Campaign Ideas Generator.

It might sound a bit Star Trek, but trust us, you will definitely want to boldly go down this black hole.

The boffins at the social media platform said the Generator “provides campaign ideas, pre-made assets and resources that are specific to your small business needs”.

In the Queen’s English, that means access to a host of templates, depending on the business you’re in. All you have to do is click on the corresponding sector – though not everyone is represented – and click on the ‘get campaign ideas’ button.

That brings up three tabs: Campaign Ideas, serving up a slew of ad format ideas, including images and layouts, Data and Insights, which showcases the filters you can use to target your campaign, while Resources offers extra goodies such as case studies.

There’s also what Facebook calls an Organic Post Pack, that includes a variety of post templates for your Facebook page, just in case you’re still in need of a bit more inspo.

Some business owners might look at this feature as a bit Borg – everyone’s assimilated and using the same stuff – but we think it’s actually very nifty, especially when it comes to making sure your brand is coordinated and consistent.

It also gives busy entrepreneurs a bit of breathing space, allowing them to put together an ad campaign that looks good and will reap rewards, without taking up too much of their valuable time and resources. We’re with Jean-Luc Picard and say: make it so.

If you’re feeling a bit “she can’t take any more cap’n!” when it comes to your social media marketing, give us a call and we’ll get you moving at warp speed.

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