If social media was a soap, we think it would be Dallas: impossibly wealthy warring clans constantly trying to get the upper hand on each other (though maybe without all the big hair and shoulderpads). That’s certainly the case with Facebook, which has unveiled some of its new tools for the future, after Apple’s latest move on data privacy.

In case you haven’t been watching, (we’ve all been a bit distracted by Gareth Southgate’s lads – come ON England) Apple is working on a little something called App Tracking Transparency, which makes all app data tracking an opt-in choice for consumers.

Facebook doesn’t like it, but rather than cat-fighting in a fountain or stepping out of the shower and saying it’s all a dream, it’s decided to go with the flow and get creative.

Facebook new tools

Dan Levy, VP Ads & Business Products said in a blog post that Facebook is trialling an option in News Feeds that allows users to tap to browse content from businesses on topics such as beauty, fitness, or clothing, as well as “explore content from related businesses”.

The platform is also looking to improve where adverts are placed, based on the content users are watching – so if you’re hooked on a travel video, you’ll see ads for hotels.

More importantly for small businesses, Facebook is working on a new badge specifically for us micro heroes that will be visible under the main ad field. It aims to capitalise on consumer demand to support smaller, local brands. Amen to that, we say.

Facebook new tools

Levy said there are also changes afoot for Facebook Marketplace, as shop and product listings are set to be expanded using the topic/business discovery feeds, and that Shops listings will be extended to Marketplace.

Alongside all that, Facebook Pay tools will be enhanced to make the buying process as seamless as possible.

It might not be as dastardly as JR, but you can’t take your eyes off Facebook for long, as it can sometimes make big changes walloping brands that have come to depend on a particular level of referral traffic or business from its tools.

And when it happens, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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