Tomorrow night, eight o’clock. Stadio Olimpico, Italy. Euro 2020. If you’re not among the millions who will be an inch away from their TV screens, smartphones clutched in their hands ready to post their heart and soul out on social media over 90 agonising minutes, then you’re probably not a football fan. 

Euro 2020 fever has totally gripped us at 24 fingers, and not just because of knights in white Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling getting us into the quarter finals baby. We’ve also been thoroughly enjoying the role social media is playing in the tournament, obvs. 

The good

Chiselled god of sport Cristiano Ronaldo sent social media into total meltdown when he shuffled two bottles of Coca-Cola from under his perfect nose during a press conference and muttered “agua” or water. Proof (as if it were needed) that influencers really do have clout when it comes to marketing.  

Speaking of which, those classy chaps at Specsavers have only gone and pulled off the marketing ad of the tournament. They think it’s all over? It is now… 

The bad

The Euro 2020 tournament saw fans return to Wembley for the first time since, ooooh, anyone can remember. Of course they were over the moon to be able to support Gareth Southgate’s men in the flesh, but it turns out they were less happy to see – or rather hear – the England Band. 

Their appearance on the Beeb, playing The Great Escape theme tune, sparked a backlash on Twitter, with some even claiming they would rather see vuvzelas back in the stands than hear the band. We’re not sure we’d go THAT far, but it’s a reminder that we should all listen to our customers… 

The not-so ugly 

Not every sports fan is as athletic as the heroes they follow, so you can understand them not being up to speed with the latest tech and kit. But even we had to chuckle at the social media response to Ukraine’s Artem Dovbyk after he scored the winner against Sweden. 

He stripped off his shirt to reveal a snazzy GPS tracking top, which are quite common in elite sports, as they gather data on the athlete’s movements and suchlike. Lots of fans were baffled by Dovbyk’s choice of undergarment and this was among our favourite reactions: 

As if all that wasn’t entertaining enough, the lead-up to tomorrow’s game against Ukraine will probably see a whole host of former football stars joining in the social media conversations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sharing memories of competitions past and their hopes for tomorrow night. 

Of course we at 24 fingers are crossing our fingers for the England win and will be glued to all our screens tomorrow night. “Sta tornando a casa” or, as we say in Essex: “it’s coming home…”

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