The world of social media never stands still, not for one second. It’s part of the reason we love it, but the speed of change can take some business owners by surprise. Take the international launch of Instagram Reels ads, for instance. 

Reels has only been around since August 2020, but it’s already expanded to include features including Insights, Remix and Live, all so it can keep up with rival platforms (we’re looking at you TikTok). 

It migth all be enough to make your head spin but the addition of ads to Reels is a sweet opportunity for business owners to widen their audience and expand their reach. 

Instagram Reels ads look just like any other post, so they’re looping videos, full screen and run for up to 30 seconds. The slight difference is they will have a “sponsored” tag below the advertiser’s account name, so anyone viewing it will be aware it’s an ad. 

The global launch follows testing in Australia, India, Brazil and Germany, and there may be tweaks as it goes along, as Instagram’s Adam Mosseri said the firm was not 100% happy with the format. Luckily for them, we’re always on our toes at 24 fingers and ready for the next change social media throws at us. 

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